Windows Search and Cortana part ways in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18317 (19H1)

One of the latest insider changes made by Microsoft to Windows 10 Build 18317 is the separation of Cortana and Search. To me this is a great idea as I found in the past that if Cortana decided not to work she would hold up searching also. You will find the new look Taskbar below with the separation of Cortana and Search.

Search & Cortana (Circular icon) side by side.

The Cortana icon now appears to the right of the Search Bar. When we now type within the Search Bar we get a whole new visual experience with a list of recently accessed URL’s and documents which can be sorted by a visible menu bar at the top.

The new Search window with optional menu items.

Below you will find Cortana which is not everyone’s cup of tea. I prefer to turn her off as it is under utilized in our organization.

Cortana and Search Split
Cortana in a separate window.

With these big changes I wonder what Microsoft have planned for the future of Cortana. Will they turn her into a friend of Alexa and Siri and allow her to manage your smart home? Who knows, but the main thing is that a lot of people will be happy to see Cortana take a step back.


  1. Zachary Hennessy

    Finally! Windows decision to put Search and Cortana together led to frustrating times when I couldn’t search for anything while Cortana loaded up.

    • Shane Walsh

      I feel your pain Zach. There have been many times when I got impatient with Search and ended up having to navigate through the folders to find the application I was looking for.

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