Depending on the region you chose when initially setting up your Windows 10 installation you may have the issue where the Taskbar Clock is not displaying A.M/P.M. Enabling this setting can be tricky, but in this tutorial I will show you how it is done.

Time without AM/PM

The quickest way to access the time settings is by using the classic control panel. So open search and type control.exe and Open.

Classic Control Panel

With the Control Panel open you now need to navigate to Region

Classic Control Panel with Region in the 4th Column

With the Region Window now open navigate down to Additional settings

Region Settings Window

With the Additional Settings Window open you now want to navigate to the Time tab at the top.

Additional Settings Window

Here you can view the different time formats which are available for our taskbar clock. Below you can see what the notations mean:

h = hour m = minute s = second tt = A.M or P.M and h/H = 12/24 hour (which I will cover in another tutorial). Here we want to focus on tt = A.M or P.M

Time Format Window

Under Time formats we want to edit how the Short time and Long time will be displayed. By default they are both set to h:mm. The lower case (h) = 12 hour format and upper case (H) = 24 hour format.

So to display the A.M and P.M after our time we need to amend the format from h:mm to h:mm tt (see below) in both Short time and Long time then press Apply and OK

Time formats after settings change

The Taskbar Clock should now show the time with A.M or P.M instantly.

The Taskbar Clock showing A.M / P.M