In our organisation we have over 200+ people using Surface Pro Tablets as their main device. These Tablets are then connected to a Surface Dock which has one single 27″ Monitor attached as well as a Keyboard/Mouse and Ethernet Connection.

With this setup it is vitally important that we keep our hardware up to date with the latest firmware and drivers so users are not prone to getting hardware failures or become victims of malicious software due to vulnerabilities.

Below I will show you how to easily update the Firmware on a Surface Dock using the Surface Dock Updater Tool. Firstly you need to connect the Surface Dock to a compatible Surface Device such as a Surface Pro or Surface Laptop.

Secondly you will need to download and install the Surface Dock Updater Tool onto the device which will be connected to the dock. The latest available version is v2.23 (as of writing this article). After downloading the file install run and install the .msi and you will be presented with the following:

It is up to you if you would like to share diagnostic information with Microsoft so check or un-check the box and press next.

Accept the terms in the License Agreement and press Install.

That is the installation complete so press Finish.

Find the newly installed Microsoft Surface Dock Updater in the Start Menu and click it to start the upgrade process.

So before we begin make sure the Surface Dock is connected to your device and is powered on and connected to the internet. Press the Start Button to begin.

The above screen tells us that the Surface Dock’s Firmware is out of date and we must update it. Sometimes I have received new Surface Docks which have already been updated so if you encounter this then there is no need to proceed further. So go ahead and press Update.

Although it says it could take up to 7 minutes it never does. The update takes 2 minutes and is pretty speedy. So press OK to continue.

Press OK and make sure you understand that if you unplug the Surface Dock during this process you could risk damaging the device making it unusable.

The progress bar will tell you how much progress has been made.

Halfway through the upgrade you will need to disconnect the Surface Dock from your device. So go ahead and disconnect.

Now reconnect the Surface Dock.

The upgrade process is almost complete.

Finally you will be asked to one again disconnect the Surface Dock, so go ahead and disconnect.

After 3 minutes you will be able to reconnect the Surface Dock with its brand new Firmware. That is the end of the upgrade process which is fairly easy to follow and is complete in minutes.