One of the cool new features of Windows 10 1809 (OS Build 17763) is the new cloud based Clipboard.

A small video showing Clipboard in action on Windows 10 1809

Firstly to open Clipboard press the Windows Key + V.

The Clipboard

Lets look at the setting behind the Clipboard by navigating to Settings / System / Clipboard. By default the Clipboard is disabled so turn it on by pressing the button under Clipboard History.

You also have the option to turn on Sync across devices using the Swiftkey App which is only available for Android devices. I turned this feature on just to show the options for the sake of this article.

As an iPhone user this feature is useless to me. You can chose to have the Clipboard automatically sync with other devices or not.

Clipboard settings

By scrolling down further you will have the option to Clear Clipboard Data which removes all copied data except for pinned data.

Additional Clipboard Settings

Below you can see 4 items which have been copied to the Clipboard. These include URL’s, copied plain text, a screenshot taken from Snipping Tool. The top clip has been pinned so when I close and re-launch the Clipboard App it will still be there.

You can store copied images to the Clipboard that are 4mb and under.

The Clipboard with copied data.

The Clipboard is a handy feature to have if you use more than one device (Windows/Android). Although the Clipboard was introduced to Windows 10 1809 I did test this on Windows 10 1903 (OS Build 18334) so there may be some differences between versions.