Overview: With this extension, your browsing history will appear across all your devices in surfaces such as in Windows timeline and Microsoft Launcher for Android. Just sign in with your Microsoft account, select a site you’ve recently visited, and pick up where you left off.

Windows 10 Timeline Feature now has the ability to display your Google Chrome activity my means of the Web Activities Extension which was released on Feb 15th. Previously Timeline only featured Edge Browser history, so due to popular demand by Windows Insiders you now have the ability to see a lot more. So lets take a look

Web Activities Extension in Chrome Web Store

Firstly you will need to download the Web Activities Extension from the Chrome Web Store here. After you add the extension to Chrome an icon will appear in the top right of the Browser, cleck on it to get started.

Web Activities Extension Sign In

Press Sign in to get started

Microsoft Account Sign In Screen

From here you will need to sign into the extension using your Microsoft account. After a successful sign in you will be presented with the below screen.

Web Activities Permissions

If you are happy with the information the extension will access then press Yes to continue.

Web Activities Default Browser

Now the extension is ready to use. By default the option is set to collect data from your default browser.

Web Activities Browser Dropdown List

In the dropdown list you can choose what browser you would like to use. Initially Timeline already collects data from Edge Browser so having this in the list is pretty pointless.

Default Browser Windows Settings

Before you start using this extension you need to make sure that Google Chrome is set to the default browser in Windows settings.

After testing I have found that the extension does not work properly on Windows 10 builds before 1903. I have it installed on Windows 10 1809 (OS Build 17763.316) and it does not work. It does successfully work on Windows 10 1903 (OS Build 18342.1).

Web Activities Extension in action on Windows 10 1903

In the screenshot above you can see the timeline showing recent history from Google Chrome labelled (Web Activities) and also Microsoft Edge
Windows 10 1903 (OS Build 18342.1).

Below is a screenshot of timeline on Windows 10 1809 (OS Build 17763.316) only displaying content from Microsoft Edge.

Web Activities Extension in action on Windows 10 1809

The timeline feature itself is a great idea but to me it looks ugly and could do with looking a lot better. Lets hope Microsoft/Google can clean it up a little and make it more visually attractive and compoatible with older versions of Windows 10.